Who We Are?

FactorAuction.com is an online marketplace for businesses in need of immediate capital. Most businesses don't realizes that there is untapped potential in their accounts receivable. Instead of waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days for your invoices to be paid, invoice factoring can free up immediate cash flow. Factoring can be expensive and is the reason we founded FactorAuction. Invoice factoring companies compete to purchase these unpaid invoices, lowering the discount rate of the factored invoice.

If you are interested in getting started, please click here to complete an application. We accept businesses that sell to other businesses and have unpaid invoices.

How We Do?

Our Company Mission

FactorAuction.com was designed to create a cheaper alternative financing option for businesses with accounts receivable.

Success Stories

We have helped countless business solve cash flow problems with our innovative online exchange. Get started today with our invoice factoring marketplace.

Our Approach

Our goal is to create the cheapest cost of money available. By doing so, we allow you to operate your business more effectively without expensive lines of credit.


Andrew Cravenho
Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur having started 2 previous online exchanges in the finance industry. FactorAuction.com is his latest start-up and is continuing to grow this innovative alternative lender. Andrew attended the University of Rhode Island and studied Business Management.